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Vintage Tablescape Thursday

When I file my dissertation I want to spend a week in this house, having cocktails and appetizers by this fire place!  This amazing tablescape (floorscape?) is from the February 1969 issue of Sunset. The magazine doesn’t say much about where this house is located, other than it’s 25 miles from San Francisco and designed by architects John Arrison and Tajima Fuller.

Vintage Tablescape Thursday

A few weeks ago a member of the choir I sing with motioned that she wanted to talk to me after rehearsal.  “I have a ton of old Bon Appetits,” she said guiltily.  “Do you want them?”  As soon as I found out they were from the mid-1970s, I giggled with glee.  “Of course!” I shouted, disturbing the tenor’s sectional in the next room.

After a dress rehearsal last week, she handed me a bag full of old magazines and I could barely contain my excitement.  The following images come from the June 1977 issue of Bon Appetit and feature Phyllis Diller’s kitchen!  I’ll be making one of her recipes this weekend, so stay tuned!

First, readers got a chance to see Phyllis’ (I’m hoping she won’t mind me calling her that) kitchen, which I loved.  Okay, I really liked the wallpaper and her go-go boots, but I absolutely must have her dress.

Vintage Tablescape Thursday

This week’s post comes from Sunset Magazine’s May 1968 issue.  As a person who has hosted wine parties before, I love the integration between the wine and food at this party.  In fact, I liked this article so much, I decided to let y’all read it too!

There’s a wine to pair with every course, even dessert!  Mmmmm.  And I really want that ice bucket.

And here’s the ‘action shot’ of the party.  Now, to find some barrels…

Vintage Tablescape Thursday

After wishing and hoping last week for some fondue photos, I decided to take matters into my own hands and find some tablescapes featuring FONDUE!

The first photo has some pretty fantastic fondue plates, complete with dividers, which is good since there’s raw beef next to the various dipping sauces.

I love the fondue pot in this second photo.  Even better, when someone loses a piece of bread, they have to kiss someone!  Who knew fondue parties were so…interesting!

This week’s photos come from Betty Crocker’s Dinner in a Dish and the Hostess Cookbook!

Vintage Tablescape Thursday

Today’s vintage tablescape comes from Sunset Magazine‘s article on throwing a “Nothing-to-it Big Party” from April 1969.  Guests hover around food stations, with each station providing a different course.

The article suggests either renting wine-glasses or using plastic ‘nested’ glasses for easy cleanup.   Soup is served in paper cups without spoons.

Instead of a traditional salad, guests dip vegetables in ranch dip

Sandwich-makings serve as the main course and apple-slices with cheese for dessert.  I’m sad there’s no fondue for dessert, quite honestly.  I definitely think this party needs fondue!

Vintage Tablescape Thursday!

This week’s vintage tablescapes come from New Creative Home Decorating, published in 1954.  Each of these tablescapes feature furniture from the Heywood Wakefield company, one of the most famous makers of 1950s ‘blonde’ furniture.  The first image features Heywood Wakefield’s ‘dogbone’ dining chairs, buffet, and other furniture, along with some tropical flowers for the table.

The second photo shows Heywood Wakefield’s ‘wish-bone’ dining table and buffet.  I think it’s interesting that part of the table is unextended and that the centerpiece is shown off-center.

I saved my favorite of the three for last.  Mostly because I have the darker-wood version of the buffet in my own dining room!  And because of the lovely fiestaware.  Not too sure about the brick wallpaper though!

Vintage Tablescapes

I enjoy researching and writing about old recipes, but I also love collecting and selling vintage housewares.  One of my biggest design inspirations is the ‘Danish modern’ style–so here are some of my favorite examples from my collection of vintage cookbooks!

First up is an image from Betty Crocker’s Guide to Easy Entertaining from 1959.  It’s a lovely Hollywood-Regency inspired tea cart with some bright aqua cookware by Dansk.  This line of enamelware, called Kobenstyle, is some of the most recognizable cookware from the 1950s and 1960s.  It came in many colors, but I think the cheery aqua is my favorite.  (I’ll actually be listing some of this cookware in my Etsy shop later this week, so stay tuned!)

Next are a series of photographs from the Sunset Dinner Party Cookbook, published in 1962.  This is a great cookbook for design-lovers as well as cooks as the illustrations and photographs are beautiful.  Unlike many cookbooks of the era, this one features people in most of the photographs, which I love.  I imagine that this photo was taken on a sunny Southern California day in an Eichler-inspired house (look at those exposed beams!).

The next photo shows a tablescape from the same cookbook.  A lot of vintage food photography seems cluttered, but the images from the Dinner Party Cookbook use simple table decorations that are timeless instead of being silly and dated.  The candelabra reminds me of a Laur Jensen design.

Finally, the last photo of the bunch features a wonderful kidney-shaped tray and some rockin’ candle-sticks.