Vintage Tablescape Thursday!

This week’s vintage tablescapes come from New Creative Home Decorating, published in 1954.  Each of these tablescapes feature furniture from the Heywood Wakefield company, one of the most famous makers of 1950s ‘blonde’ furniture.  The first image features Heywood Wakefield’s ‘dogbone’ dining chairs, buffet, and other furniture, along with some tropical flowers for the table.

The second photo shows Heywood Wakefield’s ‘wish-bone’ dining table and buffet.  I think it’s interesting that part of the table is unextended and that the centerpiece is shown off-center.

I saved my favorite of the three for last.  Mostly because I have the darker-wood version of the buffet in my own dining room!  And because of the lovely fiestaware.  Not too sure about the brick wallpaper though!


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    Anita April 22, 2010

    Oh I love vintage, especially this time period too. I have a Baldwin Acrosonic piano in my studio that is this same wood from the same period, which I love. Thanks for sharing these fab photos!!

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    chie April 22, 2010

    Vintage & retro are just too pretty.

    Good old days!

  3. Reply
    Kate April 22, 2010

    I like the last picture also….fiestaware…how fun! Bring on the margarita!

  4. Reply
    alison April 23, 2010

    @Anita: Your piano sounds lovely! One day, I’d love a vintage piano!

    @Chie: Thanks! I’m having such a fun time finding these vintage tablescapes.

    @Mom: I know, right? Perfect for margaritas.

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    Johanna April 24, 2010

    Hi. That looks quite modern, even it’s from the fiftees. I love such old photos.
    Greetings, Johanna

  6. Reply
    alison April 24, 2010

    @Johanna Vielen dank für ihren besuch auf meinem Blog! Not sure if I got that right or not! My German is rusty 🙂

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