We’re passionate about Scandinavian design!

Bit of Butter is the brainchild of Kevin and Alison, a couple of Ph.D.s who had a little extra time on their hands! Vintage isn’t just something we sell, we’ve integrated vintage decorative arts and sensibilities into our day-to-day life. More than anything, we love finding out the stories behind each item in our shop.

We moved to Seattle four years ago when we finished graduate school. Our IKEA furniture fell apart during our trip north so we needed to find some pieces to furnish our new home! We knew we liked clean, modern lines but we also loved the warmth of woods like teak and walnut. Soon, we had purchased our first Danish-Modern lounge chair and the rest is history! We got to know our new city by exploring thrift stores, estate sales, and picking up Craigslist finds. Once we furnished our own home, we realized that other people loved the same types of things we did, which is when our Etsy store was born!

Our shop features items with clean, modern lines and whimsical twists. We won’t sell anything that we wouldn’t use in our own home (and oftentimes we display items that are for sale in the shop on our bookshelves until they sell).

We like to think that a piece of vintage is like the “bit of butter” on top of your favorite food — vintage gives your home so much flavor and depth of character that you can’t get when buying out of big-box stores and catalogues.