Thrift Roundup: 10.14.13

As per usual, we never have time to update with thrifting posts.  All of our friends (yes, A La Modern and Mid Mod Mom, we’re looking at you) are much better at it than we are.  Maybe it will be our Halloween resolution to be better at weekly posts?  Why not!

We didn’t find many smalls this weekend, but the ones we ended up taking home are great.  Two pieces of Blenko made the cut: one is a large #39 “Pinched Ivy Vase.”  This vase is 8 inches tall.  Don’t ask us about the color: aqua? surf green? it’s so hard to tell!  We also picked up a #533 vase.  This model seems to follow us around, but we’ve never found one of the big versions before so we were excited.

The white tea pot is from Krups’ Guggenheim collection and is part of their Frank Lloyd Wright line.  Not something we’d usually pick up since they were produced in the 1990s, but it’s got great lines and will soon find a home with some lucky collector.  Finally, we found an Austrian ashtray made by Richard Rohac.  People often misattribute this piece to Rena Rosenthal because of the “RR” stamp, but Modern Vienna Bronze sets the record straight that “RR” was Richard Rohac’s stamp after he left Hagenauer in the early 1950s.

We also found a pair of Laurel lamps in amazing condition.  Yes, those are the original shades (also marked Laurel), but we’ll probably sell them without the shades, which are a little dog-eared, to say the least.

Finally, we actually found some art worth mentioning.  The piece on the far left is by David Lance Goines.  It’s a limited edition lithograph from 1977 and has some lovely gold details.  The four prints in the middle are also lithographs from the Science Exhibition of the Seattle World’s Fair.  They came from a collection of 20 plates available for purchase at the Fair that demonstrate the future of scientific endeavors.  Finally, the two woodblocks are by Shodo Kawarazaki, a Japanese artist famous for his botanical prints.

As per usual, ping us if you’re interested in any of our latest finds!

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    Bea October 14, 2013

    It works! Great finds 😉

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