Thrift Roundup: 9.15.13

You guys, we’ve been so bad about posting our weekly thrift finds and even worse about linking up to other blogs with our finds.  We’re lucky if we get a blurry group shot up to the #thriftbreak twitter folks before we unceremoniously begin prepping items for the shop.  I’ve been promising myself that *this week* will be different, but it never is.  Much like A La Modern, we’ve been tired, run-down, and a little meh about thrifting lately.

Yesterday we finally had a day that deserves a post!  We hit up a local rummage sale that we’ve been going to for the past few years.  After slim pickings last year and the year before, we finally picked some great stuff!  Herewith the blurry cell phone pic taken just after we got home.

Yeah, we were amazed too.  Usually we’ll find some broken Nymolle and maybe a few stained Vera tea towels at local rummage sales, but not yesterday!  The best score is probably the Kurt Versen lamp, probably made in the early 1950s.  We’re surprised his lamps aren’t more well-known in the typical mid-century circles.  We were happy to pick this piece up!

Someone got rid of their collection of Howard Pierce birds (even two gold-plated ones, which we’ve never seen in the wild before).  Truth be told, even though we’re on the west coast, we don’t find a lot of Howard Pierce here — so we were really excited to snag these birdies.

We also found this beautiful, glass bird.  Thanks to Temple of Vintage, we think this might be Murano, but we’ll have to do a little more research to figure out a possible maker for the piece.  The forked tail is especially interesting, since not many of the other Murano birds we’ve seen have such a lovely tail.

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