Spotting the Fakes: It’s Not a Curtis Jere Lion

Thanks to Chelsea over at Bergen House for giving us the idea for this post!  Every so often someone will thrift a a metal lion…a really cool looking metal lion.  And, like all of us, s/he searches for this metal lion on Google and finds sellers at First Dibs and other reselling sites calling it a Curtis Jere lion.  What luck!  Sadly, Curtis Jere never produced a metal lion figurine, even though many online sellers are claiming they did.

Image from Hidden Treasures for You

Hidden Treasures for You is an online storefront that sells discontinued items from Pier One Imports and they are selling this brutalist lion statue that is most definitely NOT Curtis Jere.  In fact, the earliest sale record I can find for the lion is in 2008, so I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that the lion was probably gracing the shelves of Pier One around then.  So please, don’t spend over $100 on a Made-in-China metal lion.

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