Thrift Roundup: 6.30.13

I forgot to post a roundup this week even though I promised myself that I’d get to it — oops!  We had some good finds last week and I wanted to make sure that I documented them.

We don’t usually focus too much on art during our thriftbreaks.  It’s usually overpriced and picked over at our thrifts.  Last week, however, we found a few pieces of note.  The works on the left are by Robert Sargent Austin (1895-1973), an English artist.  We found two etchings of his from the 1930s that are amazingly detailed.  They need new mattes, but they’re in great condition!

The second piece is a 1970’s woodblock print by a Mexican artist.  So far, we haven’t figured out an attribution, so please let us know if you are familiar with the artist or work!

Other finds include a wooden kangaroo designed by J. V. Orel (of Zoo-line fame), a Holmegaard “Palet” olive oil cruet designed by Michael Bang, Iron Mountain Stoneware mugs, a Marshall Studios coffee table and vase, and some other odds-and-ends.  As always, many of the finds will be available in the Etsy shop soon!

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