Some Friday Finds

We went out early on Friday morning and found some great stuff for the shop as well as a few things that will probably stick around the Butter collection for a bit.

That bright pop of aqua is a square tray by the late (and great) Barbara Willis.  This is the first time we’ve handled any of her work and we were very impressed by the weight and feel of the piece.  It’s really a glorious example of studio pottery.  We’ve already listed the Arabia “Riisposliini,” or rice porcelain, demitasse cup and saucer.  So delicate and beautiful.  This is only the second piece from this line we’ve found.  I’m not sure who made the ram figurine, but it will go up in the shop later this week.  We’ll tell you more about the green ashtray in an upcoming post!

For now, have another gander at the Barbara Willis piece!  Some other finds include this Blenko Ashtray in Olive Green, which we just listed in the shop and some other items that we’ll be listing throughout the week!

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