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Believe it or not, the bairn is almost seven months old, so it was high time we took her down to southern California to visit her grandparents.  While the grandparents oohed and aahed over the (not so) little one, we escaped to a few thrifts and antique stores around town and even took a day-trip to visit A La Modern in Los Angeles!

While thrifting in the Central Valley, we found six Freeman Lederman spice jars, which Kevin was very excited about.  Freeman Lederman is one of the few things we’re actively collecting right now, so it was great to find these.  Unlike most FL, these are metal with wooden lids.  They have paper FL labels on the base of the jar.  Under one of the wooden lids we found a Sears price tag!

We spent the day thrifting with A La Modern in Los Angeles, which was a blast.  It was so fun to geek out with a like-minded friend.  He has already blogged about some of his finds (and we can confirm that the Camark vase is beautiful in person!).  We found some Russel Wright pinch tumblers at the first thrift we visited.  (The same store he found Zeisel lowballs.  We like to think that they came from the same house, full of awesome barware!)

We also found a great Riihimaen vase in cobalt blue and a very cool gravy boat designed by Dorothy Thorpe and produced by Crown Lynn of New Zealand.  This particular piece is the gravy boat from the “Pine” pattern.  If you haven’t checked out Thorpe’s dishware for Crown Lynn, do a quick google image search — it’s gorgeous stuff!

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    Susan March 9, 2013

    Love the pinch tumblers and that gravy boat!

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