Thrift Roundup: 11.4.12

Hi everybody — we’re back with another thrift roundup! It’s been a fairly quiet week at the Butter’s, but we did manage to get out and do some exploring (and thrifting!) The photo above features an interesting find — a vintage souvenir from the Louvre! This is a replica of the blue Egyptian faience hippopotamus figurine in the Louvre’s collection. Apparently, museums around the world sold replicas of their Egyptian hippo statuettes — the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s example, affectionately known as William, is one of the more well-known. We’ll get back to William in a bit. This is our second blue hippo museum souvenir — the first is a replica of a hippo in the collection at the St. Louis Art Museum.

This weekend, we managed to get away for our first day trip with the Butterbean — it ended up being a good trip, although the thrifting was somewhat bare. Mr. Butter found a vintage men’s Pendleton sweater (not pictured), and we found a couple fun kids books, including “A Tale of Two Williams,” featuring–you guessed it–our favorite blue hippo! 🙂

Our other thrift finds this week included — a pair of vintage NOS Dansk salad servers, a set of Ultima Thule Highballs, a nice blue Dala horse, and various and sundry Scandinavian Christmas items. Many of these will be in the shop this week! As always, contact us if there’s anything in particular you’re interested in or that you’re looking for.


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    Diane Childs November 5, 2012

    That hippo looks like the William I got from the Metropolitan Museum’s catalog. Maybe it’s the angle. I remember being disappointed when it arrived that it didn’t look more like the picture.

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      alison November 5, 2012

      This one is stamped as being from the Louvre, but it looks a lot like William!

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