Small Victories

Even though we haven’t been posting, we’ve been thrifting.  It’s hard to maintain our thrifting habit, the Etsy shop, and the blog with a newborn, so even though we have big plans for blog posts, inevitably we’re too tired at the end of the day for much of anything.  You guys, we go to bed at 10pm now!  We’re old.  Sigh.

Since Miss S was a month old, we’ve been taking her to the occasional thrift.  We strap her into her Beco carrier and off we go down the aisles!  Sure, the little old ladies give us the side-eye because she’s so young, but I think parents of my generation are learning that it’s important to maintain some semblance of normalcy amidst the storm.  It’s been good for me to get out-and-about.  Mr. Butter still goes to the occasional estate sale, but Miss S can’t sit in the car and wait around, so I have to stay home and miss all the fun.

Today, Miss S and I visited two thrifts.  Even though there was a major diaper blow-out at the first (oh you guys…it was not pretty), we managed to dip ourselves in hand sanitizer and move on.  We don’t usually find a lot since we can only go to a few stores, but today we found some cute items for the shop.  The first is a Figgjo Flint wall plaque or trivet.  I love Figgjo’s happy designs and this one is sure to strike someone’s fancy!  We also picked up a Harvey’s Lake Tahoe bucket mug and inside the mug are two kokeshi perfume bottles.  The faces on the bottles are hand-painted, so each is a little different.  Given my kokeshi obsession, I couldn’t resist them!  Finally, we found an articulated brass candle holder.  I absolutely love these, especially for a holiday centerpiece.  Everything will be in the shop early next week, so let me know if you want me to reserve something for you!


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    Story Tellers Vintage October 25, 2012

    Oh no! a diaper blow-out…I don’t think I could have managed it! Glad you got out and found some great pieces today 🙂

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    Jenny October 25, 2012

    Oh yeah, you gotta get them out and about. Good for both of you I think…makes babies more easy going. Love your finds, especially the Figgjo and the candle holders. Cute and lovely, just like the babe!

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    SixBalloons October 25, 2012

    Nice. Our lil guy is 8 months today and I have lugged him into thrifts before. My local little old ladies want to touch his hands and face tho, and the germophobe in me freaks out inside!!

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