Thrift Round Up: 7.15.12

Our lives are about to change here at Chez Butter.  Our baby is due on August 20th, so every time we head out on our day-long weekend adventures we’re all to aware that this might be our last #thriftbreak for the next few months or so.  I feel like the thrifting gods were with us on Friday and Saturday though.  Here’s a photo of the highlights from our trip(s).

Kevin went out to a few thrifts on Friday night while I relaxed a little and came back with the beautiful Holmegaard “Kluk Kluk” and and the two Finel sauce pots.  I had visited these stores the day before and found nothing — so it just goes to show that things really do change every day.

On Saturday morning I wasn’t feeling up to thrifting so Kevin headed out again without me and found the Blenko salad set and Marshall Studios jug.  An awesome package arrived from Sweden while Kevin was thrifting and I opened it to see two Lisa Larson books I had ordered a month back!  I immediately started flipping through and noticed an image of a little girl named Eva that looked hauntingly familiar.

I called Kevin, realizing that we had seen her a few weeks back during one of our out-of-town excursions.  We quickly decided that we couldn’t leave poor Eva behind, even though it would mean an hour drive so he picked me up and off we went.  Thankfully, she was still there waiting for us!  We also found some other great items for the shop, including a Blenko pitcher, Danish candle holders, and other sundries.  We also found the giant snowball candle holders — these are much larger than the usual size and weight almost 4lbs. each!

Hopefully we’ll still have the courage to take these spontaneous trips once we have a little one in tow — some of our favorite moments in recent memory have been heading out for parts unknown and thrifting along the way!


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    Jordan July 15, 2012

    Great story. And don’t give up thrifting when the child comes. Use a stroller; I did. Then when they get older, they enjoy hunting for their own treasures. My 12-year-old is building a sunglasses collection!

    • Reply
      alison July 15, 2012

      Thanks, Jordan! I know we’ll keep thrifting — it’s just scary to imagine how much our lives are about to change!

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    Beatriz _ Mid Mod Mom July 15, 2012

    Your little one will love to thrift and she will be one of the most stylish babies in the NW. Great finds all around. Looking forward to your LL blog post.

    • Reply
      alison July 15, 2012

      Thanks! We’re definitely looking forward to the new addition to the family!

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    SixBalloons July 15, 2012

    Congrats! Our little guy arrived in February and I’m still a bit nervous taking the baby out but we did hit a yard sale today. 🙂

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    Anathalia July 16, 2012

    Little Eva is so cute! Great find!

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