A Much-Belated Update

You’ve probably noticed we’ve been very quiet lately.  Even our Etsy shop was quiet for a month or two.  Well, we had a good excuse: we’re expecting a girl in mid-August and we’ve been busy!  Now that I’m feeling better, I’ve started posting new items to Etsy and we’re back to heading out to thrifts and estate sales (and I keep a variety of snack foods at the ready).

During the winter months, the thrifts were dead in Seattle.  We would head out for our normal Saturday jaunt and come home empty-handed after nearly 8 hours solid of visiting various stores.  It was a little disconcerting, quite frankly.  The past few weeks though, things have picked up at the thrifts.  All of our thrifting friends on twitter say that their stores have picked up as well.  Maybe people are cleaning out their garages in anticipation of summer weather?

Here’s our thrift-haul from two weeks back.  Everything but the Heath bowl actually came from the same thrift store!  That ceramic vase?  It’s by Alvino Bagni and is in AMAZING condition.   The Ken Edwards’ tray just sold this morning to a buyer in England, and the Blenko ashtray is up in the shop.

The above photo is from our all-day thrifting adventure on Saturday.  We were so surprised and happy to find new stock for the store!  We visited around 10 thrifts and were out for most of the day.  Our favorite piece would have to be the Arabia Harlequin vase (hiding out in the back right).  It catches the light so beautifully!

We hope the thrifting has picked up for you as well!!


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    Jenny April 24, 2012

    Nice selection! Love the iittala of course… Have never seen an Arabia vase like that. Glad you’re feeling well. 🙂

  2. Reply
    Brad April 25, 2012

    Oh the joys of becoming a parent! Cool finds, too! I haven’t found much myself. Fyi, I will be selling a bunch of stuff during the West Seattle community garage sale in May. Mutual friends of ours are letting us team up with them. Hope to see you two there!

  3. Reply
    Alison April 25, 2012

    @Brad: We’ll make sure that you’re our first stop!

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