Mid-Week Thrifting Report

Last week the thrifts were dead.  It was like they were trying to tell us something: make cookies!  decorate your tree!  clean your kitchen!  This week we’ve had much better luck, thankfully and we’ve listed a few of our favorite finds in the shop already.  We actually found this Nambé bowl at last weekend’s digger sale (we blogged about the sale here) and finally took a few good photos of it.  This is an earlier Nambé bowl and features the impressed back-stamp.  It’s up in the shop!

We haven’t been able to find much information about this Alugrand of Norway enameled bowl, but we know that we love the saturated splash of color!

This wire dachshund has so much style.  We sold another of these rather quickly so we were more than happy to add his brother to the shop!We also snagged this beautiful, brass trivet designed by R. Dayagi for the Hen Holon company of Israel.  Dayagi is known for his modernist menorahs, but he also produced a line of trivets for Hen Holon as well.  Functional and simply stunning.


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    Rachael~The Thrifty Picker December 16, 2011

    I love the rich, jewel-tones of the purple bowl. Keep us updated if you find anything on this bowl in your research…Thanks! Rachael

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    Eliza Dipper December 16, 2011

    The trivet is fabulous!

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    SixBalloons December 16, 2011

    Nice finds! I read about a theory on another blog that figured most people are too busy during the holiday hustle and bustle, so there are fewer donations at the thrift.

    I also believe that it’s because a lot of people are out and about shopping, so there are more stops at thrift stores and therefore way more competition.

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