Our Items from the Designer Estate

I realized after publishing our last post that I had neglected to share the items we took home from Propst’s estate.  We’re planning to keep many of the items from the sale, but a few will end up in our Etsy shop, so drop us a line if you want something reserved.  The photo below is our table of finds from that weekend.  (We also went to a few thrifts after the sale so the Heath ashtrays, Swedish spice jar, glass, and the Nissen cutting board are not from the estate.)

One of the reasons why we decided to attend the sale in the first place was that there were a few games designed by Piet Hein for Skjode Skjern.  I had actually been planning to buy Mr. Butter a few of these for Christmas this year, so it was pure luck that I spotted them at the sale.  Hein was a designer, inventor, mathematician, poet, and all around bad-ass, so anything designed by him is more than welcome in our home!

Propst also had a few kokeshi dolls, which–as regular readers know–is a new obsession at Chez Butter.  Also in the above photo are a group of stainless steel sugar bowls and a creamer from Arne Jakobsen’s “Cylinda” line for Stelton.  They look light, but these bowls have an amazing heft to them and the lids fit perfectly into the sugar bowls, creating a beautifully-uninterrupted line.  We also picked up this Dansk saucier at the sale.  This shape is usually called a butter warmer, but it’s much larger than the ones we’ve seen, so we’re calling it a saucier to differentiate it.  (Both the Cylinda and the saucier will make their way to our etsy shop eventually!)

My favorite piece from the sale is this rather humble Finel bowl, designed by Kaj Franck.  I collect these bowls, but usually I sell the ones we find that aren’t patterned.  I’m keeping this one, however, as a remembrance of our sale.  It’s still labeled with Propst’s name, and I like to think that this bowl might have been taken over to friends’ houses.  It’s a beautiful royal blue color that is rather hard to photograph, but it looks perfect with its friends along the top of our hutch!


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    Beatriz - Mid Mod Mom November 20, 2011

    What an experience that sale was! I feel like I was there with you (right!) and I understand why you want to keep so much of it for your own collection. I think Propst would be pleased.

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    SixBalloons November 20, 2011

    Beautiful finds; I’m so glad you were able to admire the pieces from the sale and share your experiences with us. I hope that helps with some of the bad taste that you were left with after the sale!

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    Van November 24, 2011

    Amazing finds! I LOVE the kokeshi dolls most of all.

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