Thrifting Roundup: 10.16.11

Mr. Butter and I had a great time thrifting this week.  We actually slept in this Saturday morning until 8:30am (which, for pickers is really late!) and went to a few estate sales and thrifts at our leisure instead of waiting out in the cold at 5am.  I have to admit, it was lovely to start our morning a little later!  Even though we slept in, we still found some lovely items this week.

One of our first stops of the day was at a local estate sale that had outrageous prices on most of its items (think $2,000 for a Heywood Wakefield sideboard).  Luckily, they had the beautiful, green vase for a song.  Mr. Butter recognized it as an Arthur Percy vase for Gullaskruf–the first we’ve found in the wild, in fact!  It’s staying in our permanent collection for the time being.

The beautiful tea pot is by Kenji Fujita for Freeman Lederman.  Sadly, the lid is not original, but even so, it’s an amazing find.  Fujita’s ceramics are so beautiful and simple, with surprising design elements.  Look at the beautiful curve to the spout!

We found some great ceramics this week as well.  The two planters are darling and will be up in the shop later in the week.  The first is a lovely “People Lovers” cup or planter by Bennett Welsh.  The second planter bears a striking resemblance to David Stewart’s planters, but we’re honestly not 100% sure its his work.  What do you think?  The little, out-of-focus guy is a tiny El Palomar owl by Ken Edwards.  He’ll also be up in the shop soon.

The freeform glass ashtray we’re attributing to Blenko, but we’re not positive.  It appears to be a #6023 ashtray, but unlike most pieces of Blenko, this one has a band of white in the orange-colored glass.  It could be an Italian knock-off, but the size and shape are so close to the other Blenko ashtrays we’ve come across that we’re still working on figuring out the mystery!

Finally, we found a Fog and Morup wall sconce designed by Jo Hammerborg in the 1970s.  It has great lines and would be perfect for a simple, round light bulb.

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    Jil Casey October 16, 2011

    Lovely finds! Like the vase and wall sconce.

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    Mid Mod Mom October 17, 2011

    Fabulous finds as usual. I learn so much from my thrifting peers, I am very thankful. I found a couple of glass pieces myself, but I don’t know enough… I have to keep on researching and learning. At least I know what an Arthur Percy piece looks like now.

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