Thrifting Roundup: It’s All a Matter of Glass

We’ve been remiss about posting our traditional thrifting roundup in the past few weeks.  Our lives have been a little more frantic than normal.  You see, we’re having a sale over at at the end of October, which means we’ve spent most of our free time taking photos and cataloguing items for that.  You guys, it’s going to be epic!  If you’d like to see a preview of what we’ll be featuring at the sale, head over to flickr and take a peek!

We’ve found a lot of glass in the past few weeks.  Honestly, glass is not something we knew a lot about when we first started collecting and thrifting.  There’s so much mass-produced, knock-off glass that it was daunting for us to take chances on whether a piece was from the 1960s or from IKEA.  The golden glass vase in the middle is from Mr. Butter’s new obsession, glass made by the Finnish company,  Riihinmaen Lasi Oy.  This particular vase is no. 1436, the “Stromboli” vase, and was designed by Aimo Okkolin.

The tall vases in the back all have silver rims.  Usually, when we find these at thrift stores the silver looks really sad, but after a quick rub with toothpaste or silver polish, silver-rimmed vases look so elegant and simple!  We thought that the vase on the left was designed by Dorothy Thorpe, due to it’s shape, but after doing some research, we’re not sure that it’s her design.

The two “vases” on the left are actually giant hi-ball glasses.  They stand at an impressive 12 inches tall, so we can’t imagine drinking a gin-and-tonic out of one and living to tell the tale!  We’re assuming these are novelty glasses from the 1950s?  You’ll find the silver-rimmed items in the shop during the next few days!

The two candle holders in the front are Ms. Butter’s favorite items.  As soon as she brought them home from the Goodwill, she lit candles and the flames looked so beautiful dancing in the little ice mountains!  These were designed by Rune Strand for Nybro of Sweden.

We’ll also be featuring some Scandinavian glass in our upcoming sale with Fab.  We found 5 glass hurricanes that must have originally been part of a lighting fixture of some sort?  These hurricanes are very much in the style of Tamara Aladin’s “Maljakko” vase, but we haven’t been able to find a solid attribution, sadly.  We think they’d look amazing with a simple tea light!

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    Mid Mod Mom October 12, 2011

    Congratulations for your upcoming sale with Fab! You will do very well!

  2. Reply
    Jil Casey October 12, 2011

    I know very little about glass, but am finding it more and more interesting. Like the gold vase!

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