Combi Candle Holders

Usually I take a thriftbreak without Mr. Butter once during the week.  After I’m done teaching I head for parts unknown and hit a few thrifts to see if there’s anything good.  Today was a disappointing day.  I went to my first stop and found absolutely nothing.  I visited the second shop and struck out again.  I was beginning to get a little depressed, but I pressed on since the final store on the loop is just a 2 minute drive from the second shop.  Boy am I glad I went!

I found a set of four “combi” (modular) candle holders designed by Caesar Stoffi and Fritz Nagel by BMF (Bayerische Metall Fabrik).  I stared at the bright pink box for a minute before I picked it up because I figured it was too good to be true.  It was probably filled with old socks or potpourri.  When I opened the box I was really excited to find four of the modular candle holders instead of the three “leuchter” the box claimed it would have.

Two of candle holders came in their original smaller boxes with their original care instructions.  The 9 original candles are also in the box in addition to a little brochure (not pictured) and an interesting business card that gives this set some interesting, if not limited, provenance!  Usually I wouldn’t post someone’s phone number on the internet for all to see, but somehow I think that the Telex number for GM has long since gone out of use!  From what I can gather, GM might have given this set out as a gift to clients, interesting!

From what I can gather after doing a few minutes of research on Fritz Nagel is that he must have lent his surname to the Nagel company who also made “combi” candle holders.  I can find no printed attribution to link Nagel or Stoffi with any of these holders — perhaps the Nagel branded holders had attribution?  None of the brochures, labels, or boxes list any designers (sadly), so until I can do further research, I’m at a loss to provide any other information on Nagel or Stoffi.


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    Eliza Dipper October 5, 2011

    Man oh man, AMAZING find. Fabulous! I love all the little extras; the story of vintage charms me as much as the actual vintage.

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    Jil Casey October 10, 2011

    How lucky to find them in the original packaging!

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