Thrifting Roundup: 9.17.11

We’re sneaky over here at Chez Butter!  We are still away in the land of pandas and great walls, but we wanted to make sure that we had a post for this week.  We had a few random finds from the previous week that didn’t make their way into our earlier posts, so we thought we’d share them with you today.

This post is dedicated to little Scandinavian items.  You know, those teensy tiny pieces that fall through the cracks of blog posts and thriftstores alike!  Well, over here, we can’t get enough of “smalls” and this week’s finds are particularly wee!

First up are these four shot/cordial/schnapps glasses we picked up at a local estate sale.  The quality is great and we also love the lines of this set.  Sadly, we haven’t been able to figure out who the maker or designer is, as is often the case with little objects such as these.  They look Scandinavian to us, but we’re honestly not sure.

Next up are five tiny Royal Copenhagen pin dishes, featuring different buildings in Denmark.  We picked these up at the same estate sale.  No, they’re not too practical unless you have a lot of pins, but they would be very cute hung on a wall together, don’t you think?

Then there’s Mr. Pig.  We think he’s swell, and he even came with his original box, labeled Boda of Sweden.  Kosta acquired Boda and changed its name to Kosta Boda in 1976, so this little piggy predates that change.

The biggest item of the bunch is a plate by Stavangerflint of Norway.  Although we usually steer clear of getting single plates, this is a souvenir dish from Bogstad Gard, designed by Fredrik Matheson.  It’s always so nice when designers signed their work!

And last but not least is a silver-plate and enamel jigger made by Reed and Barton.  We think it’s quite lovely, and although it’s small, it certainly packs a little punch!

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    Kate September 17, 2011

    A long distance post! I like the shot/cordial glasses.

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