Thrifting Roundup: 9.10.11

I’m posting early this week because tomorrow morning we’ll be on a plane across the Pacific Ocean for a brief trip to Beijing.  Mr. Butter is attending a super-duper-awesome conference in Beijing, so we decided to take a few extra days and play tourists!  But enough about our plans, it’s time for the thrift finds!

The first find of this week’s trip was actually found for us by Scott, over at Ars Longa.  He’s in town for a few days so we took him out to some Seattle thrifts and lo-and-behold he found a beautiful hanging rug/tapestry!  I know nothing about fiber arts of this sort, but I do know that it will look great in my office and that I need to thank Scott for his willingness to let me swipe his find!

This next photo is a smorgasbord of finds from this week’s thrifts.  In the back you’ll see a box.  Some eagle-eyed readers might already recognize that the box holds a Copco honeycomb spice rack!  Mr. Butter pulled it out of a dusty bin at a local second-hand store we’ve been meaning to visit for a while.  Honestly, it looked really sketchy from the outside so I was a little skeptical to venture through its doors.  Well, I was right…it was totally sketchy!  But it was also completely unpicked.  The spice rack had languished in the store for over a year!  We were amazed that it had lasted as long as it had.

I was quite surprised to find a Bitossi flower pot at a local thrift.  We rarely see such large pieces of Bitossi, but we quite happily picked it up!  I have plans for it, so it will have a home at Chez Butter for the time being.

Mr. Butter found the lovely Swedish carafe with the blue-and-white, leafy stripes.  It was made by Nittsjo and designed by Jerk Werkmaster.  He was the artistic director at the Nittsjo ceramics factory from 1933 to 1967, but apparently Werkmaster was quite adept at other mediums as well.  He’s a new designer for us, so we were happy to take a minute to learn more about his work.  (Another fun fact?  He also designed a marquetry panel at Eltham Palace in Greenwich!)

Finally, we found this kick-ass space-age lamp while we were thrifting with Scott this morning.  It was made by Hamilton Industries, but we haven’t been able to find out who designed this beautiful specimen.  Whoever designed it, our hats go off to her/him!

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  1. Reply
    Zara September 11, 2011

    Great finds. Love the little green lamp.

  2. Reply
    My Vintage Vow September 11, 2011

    Oh squeal I love the lamp.

  3. Reply
    sue September 11, 2011

    I love the great colours of all your find – vibrant and as you say – “kick-arse”! (that is how we spell ‘ass” her – it is not a typo!

  4. Reply
    Megan September 11, 2011

    I do love that little carafe! Sounds like you will be hitting up that little shop of treasures again soon!

  5. Reply
    Scott September 11, 2011

    We had a great time thrifting with you guys. Thanks for showing us around you favorite shops! I’m stoked that the tapestry is getting a good home. It’s a really amazing piece.

  6. Reply
    Van September 13, 2011

    Lamp, vase, rug, so much beauty and always. Have an amazing time in Beijing, that sounds incredible!

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