Thrifting Update: 8.29.11

This week’s thrifting update is somewhat abbreviated since my parents were in town for the weekend.  I spent most of the week cleaning up residual clutter and getting the house ship-shape enough for a parental visit.  Mr. Butter and I went thrifting during the week and scored a beautiful Sascha Brastoff ashtray and the wee Dansk hippo.  Both will eventually make their way over to the shop later this week once I’ve taken their photos.  This is the first time we’ve seen either of these pieces in the wild, so we were more than happy to have them for the shop!

My parents arrived on Friday night and we spent the evening on the patio catching up and cooking.  My mom is a wonderful cook and we always have fun making tons of food when she visits (You can visit my mom’s wonderful cooking blog over here!).  I was surprised when my parents said that they wanted to check out a few estate sales, so we visited a few on Saturday morning.  The first estate sale yielded a few nice pieces, including a blue Emalox bowl and an orange, ceramic planter.  The planter is unmarked, but has a great shape — if anyone knows who made the piece, I’d love an attribution!
The second estate sale had some interesting furniture pieces including a pair of Drexel Declaration nightstands.  Mr. Butter and I have been using a pair of two-tiered end-tables as nightstands for a long time until we found some proper nightstands that we liked.  We had almost purchased a pair of these same nightstands a few months back from our friend, Brad, who is a local mid-century dealer.  I never thought we’d find a pair ourselves, so I was thrilled when Mr. Butter found them!  (And they were even half-price!)  My parents really enjoyed the sale as well — my dad even bought a gift for one of my siblings while we were there.


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    The Thriftaholic (Leilani) August 29, 2011

    A family that thrifts together stays together hehe. It’s sweet that your parents wanted to go to estate sales and that they found some treasures.

    I always enjoy the vibrant colors of your finds and this week is no different– the orange planter is swell.

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    alison August 29, 2011

    Thanks Leilani — I am in love with that orange planter as well! 🙂

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    Brad August 30, 2011

    Great find on the nightstands. After we talked and you had mentioned that you two wear very interested in the night stands, they sold. So, I figured that you two had bought them. Anything else your interested in? he he he!

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      alison August 31, 2011

      @Brad: Ha! I’m so glad they sold…they’re beautiful pieces. 🙂

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    DogsMom September 2, 2011

    Nice to know you have your priorities straight. Spend time with your parents.

    Glad you also made some great finds too.

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