Thrifting Update: 8.8.11

This was a big thrifting week at Chez Butter!  Mr. Butter and I took last Tuesday off work and went on an all-day thriftbreak for my birthday!  We found a few lovely pieces, but I’m going to blog about those later.  This weekend we spent most of our time around the house weeding, cleaning, and having some friends over to help us eat food from our garden, which has finally started producing vegetables!

Mr. Butter had big plans for us on Saturday, however.  The Swedish Cultural Center was having its annual rummage sale / vintage fair and since we’re suckers for all things Scandinavian, we decided to stop by.  As it happened, we got there right when it opened and we were, quite frankly, blown away by what we found.  Mr. Butter and I tend to split up at places like this, so he went right and I went left and we met in the middle with our treasures.

After perusing a few tables, I found this Tipp City spice set for the price of two lattes.  I asked the lady if the price tag was correct (I was honestly expecting there to be another zero at the end!) and she nodded in approval.  I spent most of yesterday researching Tipp City spice jars, which was a lot of fun!  Mr. Butter and I are much more adept with Scandinavian Modern items, but we were more than happy to find out about this Ohio company!  I just listed the set in the the shop and apparently the Scottie dog pattern is quite scarce, so hopefully the set will go to a good home!

As I bought my spice rack, Mr. Butter spotted an entire table full of Iittala glassware and was frantically trying to catch my eye.  I wandered over ready to gloat about my find, when I saw him practically beaming at the thought of using Iittala for our barware! (We’ve wanted a set of Iittala for a while, but there was no way we could afford to buy the glasses new.)  Mr. Butter snagged a carafe, double old-fashioned glasses, high-balls, and red-wine goblets all in the Ultima Thule pattern!  I’m afraid that these will not make it to the store, however.  We’re currently cleaning out the bar cabinet and making room for our swanky glassware!

And before I forget, we’d love your help identifying some crazy art pottery that Mr. Butter found on a small thriftbreak when he was supposed to be buying Gorilla Glue at a local hardware store.  I won’t hold it against him since he found two beautiful pieces of figural stoneware!  If anyone has any information on an artist named “Varela,” who may have made these adorable pieces, we’d love to hear more!  (They remind us of Bjorn Wiinblad’s work, but alas, they are not signed with his name.)

And here’s a quick shot of the signature!

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    Van August 8, 2011

    Excellent finds, I looove the art pottery and beautiful glassware! A lot of that style has been popping up on blogs lately. They’re gorgeous!

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    I’m so envious that your partner is as into thrifting as you are, it’s cute that he takes his own thrift breaks on the way to the hardware store!

    The Swedish rummage sale sounds like a goldmine, wish the Swedish American museum would do something similar here. Love the spice set & swanky glass set. You should take pictures of the glasses in action (ie holding fancy cocktails!)

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    shannon August 8, 2011

    so glad to have found your blog!!

    And reading back through some posts…was so glad to see we are neighbors!

    I’m just slowly learning about mid-century furniture and designs…but I don’t find a whole lot of it out in the boonies where I am (Buckley…going towards Mt Rainier).

    Love looking at your finds!!

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    BeckyKay August 9, 2011

    Oh my word! Those spice jars! What a find!

    And I LOVE the stoneware. Especially the green one with the little earrings! So cute!

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    alison August 15, 2011

    @Van: Thanks for stopping by!

    @Thriftaholic: We are *very* lucky we discovered this together! And we’re going to stage a photoshoot soon!

    @Shannon: Hi neighbor! You never know where this stuff will pop up! Washington seems like a great state for it!

    @BeckyKay: Yay! I’m glad you like the items. And yes, the earrings are darling!

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