Thrifting Update: 8.1.11

This week was a bit of a bust for us as far as thrifting goes.  We were able to duck out to a few thrifts, but mostly this week was dedicated to helping friends!  To wit, I’ve been thrifting milk-glass vases for our dear friends’ wedding.  Yesterday morning I rounded up all the vases, went to the local farmer’s market and picked up flowers, and had a lovely afternoon filling vases full of flowers for the wedding!  I think they turned out perfectly.

As I mentioned above, we were able to do a little bit of thrifting this week, and we returned with a few great finds for the Etsy shop.

First is a set of salt and pepper shakers designed by Ben Seibel for his “Potter’s Art” series produced by Mikasa.  We found a few other pieces in the same line, but as Mr. Butter keeps reminding me, I don’t need to save everything I find.

Speaking of Mr. Butter, he found the amazing, flower-power candle holder  made by the Terra Sancta Guild of Israel in 1971.  We’ve seen other examples of the Guild’s work, but this piece was so cute we had to bring it home.

The glass tumbler or vase on the far right is still a mystery.  Both Mr. Butter and I were drawn to its effortless shape and green color, but we can’t figure out who designed it.  Our gut says that it’s Finnish, and possibly one of Kaj Franck’s designs, but we would love some help with this piece!

Finally, the yellow bowl, which is my favorite find of the weekend!  We’re suckers for Finel bowls at Chez Butter.  In fact, we have quite the burgeoning collection!  Alas, I refuse to be the person who collects of of every shape and color, so we’ll be listing this beauty in the etsy shop later in the week.  It’s bright yellow with white polka-dots and in amazing condition!

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    Susan August 2, 2011

    It’s been so long since I’ve dropped in to visit! The white vases are just sweet! Love the hollyhocks’ (?) color! That little bowl is pretty sweet too! I can see it with a curried pasta salad with green peas (more polka dots!) …

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    Brad August 3, 2011

    Your glass vase on the right is a candle votive by Jens Quistgaard for Dansk. There is normally a little tray that sits where the glass tapers in for the candle. Most of the time they are missing. We have a nice pair that we bought from Justin at ten22home, some time ago. That is why I know this. BTW it is made in Finland. Take care.

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    Zara August 5, 2011

    That yellow bowl is beautiful. x

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