Timelessly Modern

A few weeks back Mr. Butter and I were out thrifting and I heard my favorite exclamation: “Hey Aud, come here…”  I could see a demitasse cup and saucer in his hands, but they looked modern to me, not vintage so walked over to him ready to be the vintage police and move on to the next item.  The cup and saucer was gorgeous, to be sure: white exterior with a black graphic that reminded me of Esteri Tomula’s work, and a jewel-tone interior.  But vintage?

Much to my surprise (and Mr. Butter’s happiness), these cups and saucers were most definitely vintage, and were made by British ceramicist, Susie Cooper, c. 1958.  The pattern, called “Black Fruits” is delicate, colorful, and complex and Mr. Butter and I are so happy we found them ‘in the wild’ as we thrifters say.  The combination of the black, sketched design and the jewel-toned interiors make this set look decidedly contemporary, even though it is over 50 years old!


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    Susan July 6, 2011

    How sweet are those cups! Love the different colored interiors … botanicals are always lovely! Nice to see you posting a bit more!

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    SixBalloons July 6, 2011

    Great pattern. I totally know what you mean by the excitement when hearing, hey.. come check this out! Love it.

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    Tom July 7, 2011


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    d r e w July 9, 2011

    oh wow! what a great find. you usually don’t see the saucers with the mugs. love the colored insides.

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