Tales from the Bookcase

Børge Mogensen is one of our favorite furniture designers at Chez Butter.  His pieces don’t come up for sale locally very often, but when they do, you can bet that Mr. Butter and I are first in line!

Enter our new bookcase.  We’ve needed a new one for a while now, but I refuse to let any contemporary crap through our doors.  “We have to find a nice, vintage bookcase,” I thought to myself.  Soon after, Mr. Butter found a Craigslist ad for a Danish bookcase that looked promising and after bargaining with the previous owner, we loaded the bookcase into our car and made the trip home.

We didn’t know very much about our new bookcase other than we thought that the legs looked familiar and that it had a stamp of a viking ship on the back.  Within ten minutes Mr. Butter looked up from his computer and exclaimed “Mogensen!”  (We’re nothing if not nerdy at Chez Butter.)  Indeed, many of Mogensen’s side-boards and bookcases have inset, round legs with a supporting brace that hugs the legs and body of the piece.  It’s a beautiful marriage between form and function — and we’re so very happy its entered the permanent collection!

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