And she’s back…

Here in Seattle, autumn is a fickle season.  Yesterday, it was beautifully sunny and I lounged on the porch with a beer, letting the sun warm my shoulders.  Today, it’s windy and dark and I’m curled up with a cup of Noël à Vienne tea and a blanket.  I’m feeling a bit fickle too now that my dissertation is complete and I’ll be filing soon.  My etsy shop has taken over a large chuck of my time, so much so that my blogging completely fell to the wayside.  In fact, the shop just had its 100th sale, if you can believe it!

Also, my priorities for the blog have changed a little since I started this blog back in February.  My love for vintage recipes continues, but I’m also interested and fascinated by 1960s design and housewares.  So you might see Bit of Butter morph a little in the coming weeks into a blog that’s focused more generally on design, recipes, life, and other things.  No one thing defines us, after all.  So sit back, tape a sip of champagne, and enjoy the ride!  (And yes, I’ll be posting about this amazing champagne cocktail soon!)


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    Kate October 7, 2010

    I love champagne! I can hardly wait…welcome back.

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    Tom aka Bikejuju October 7, 2010

    Welcome back!

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