Cookbook Round Up!

My birthday was earlier this month and, as always, I received some amazing gifts from Kevin.  Most of these were food-related, so I wanted to share!

I’ve been wanting the The Oxford Companion to Food (2nd Edition) for a long while.  It’s one of the best resources for food history and it’s helped me with many of my posts.  On top of my new tome is my (new to me) Copco fondue pot, designed by Michael Lax.  I cannot wait to make some fondue in my new pot!

In other (unrelated) news, I’m finishing up the introduction to my dissertation and generally wrapping things up, so posts may be a bit sporadic until I turn in my final draft.  Thanks, dear readers, for being understanding!


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    Tom August 14, 2010

    Happy birthday, neighbor!

  2. Reply
    Kate August 16, 2010

    I can hardly wait to visit so that I can browse through your book and have you make me some fondue!

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