Working for the Weekend

We sprang forward last weekend, and Seattle sprang with it.  The crocuses have been up for a few weeks, but its just now that the cherry blossoms have begun to look like cotton candy.  At Chez Butter, our Asian pear tree has just started to bloom, and the ubiquitous grape hyacinths have taken over our overgrown flowerbeds.  So, as you can imagine, my eyes are swimming in newly-found colors!

I will be away for the next few days on a mini-holiday with Kevin, but I wanted to leave my dear readers something food-related that reminded me of spring and its bright and lovely hues.  I can’t think of anything better than these flower-power cakes from a vintage 1973 Wilton Cake-Decorating Year Book!  Aren’t they a scream?  Maybe Kevin will make me a Leo cake for my next birthday?



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    theUngourmet March 18, 2010

    Those cakes are a hoot! Have a fun time away! 🙂

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    Kate March 19, 2010

    How cute are these? Can’t imagine doing it but I think a Leo cake would be quite fun for Kev…You know I am partial to the Scorpio cake!

    Love the flowers!! Enjoy your trip????

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    Kate at Serendipity March 19, 2010

    Me too! I’d take the scorpio cake! I’m totally jealous of your flowers. We’re still cold here and we don’t spring forward for another two weeks. I love summer time!

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    alison March 20, 2010

    @the ungourmet: Aren’t the hilarious! I really love them. And the trip is splendid so far!

    @Kate (Mom): Admit it, you love the cakes!

    @Kate at Serendipity: Ahhh, the Scorpios are banding together are they? 😉 We’re having a relatively early spring here this year, not that I’m complaining!

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