Estate Sale Finds!

The moral of my story?  The more I go to estate sales, the more I realize that all the good stuff is in the basement or the garage.

But I digress…Kevin and I woke up far too early this morning to snag a mid-century scoop chair at a local estate sale.  As I walked through the house the sale seemed okay, but not spectacular.  I picked up a pair of Swedish glass vases by Gunnar Ander for Lindshammar.  I’m just now getting to know Scandinavian art glass, so I was happy to put some of my new-found knowledge to use in the field.

I went over to the bedrooms where I found a stockpile of knee-hugger elves.  They’re cute and kitschy and perfect for my Etsy shop once Christmas-time rolls around!  All-in-all, I thought to myself, this sale hasn’t been very exciting at all.

Then I see Kevin practically skipping towards me with his bag full of goodies.  I gave him an incredulous look: what could he have possibly found in the garage?  Then he pulled out the most beautiful mid-century decanter I’ve ever seen.

It wasn’t until we got home that we realized it was made by Kenji Fujita by Freeman Lederman.  Right now it’s going to stay in the permanent collection so that Kevin can admire his garage find.  Also in his bag of tricks?  A cute, figural wind bell from Pacific Stoneware (with its original tags!), which is an Oregon-based company.  I’ve seen a few other collectors talk about this company before, so I’ve been waiting for my chance to see a piece myself!  He also found some pretty nesting ashtrays  (sadly, these aren’t signed).

Let this be a lesson to me.  Garage!  Basement!  Garage!  Basement!


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    Tom March 19, 2011

    Nice finds!

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    Susan March 19, 2011

    Wow, Alison! Haven’t seen you on-line in so long! Nice to see you’re still looking for incredible finds! I personally love the windbell and the elves!

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