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We were at an estate sale a few weekends ago that was a little overwhelming.  The three daughters running the sale said it was the sixth-or-seventh weekend, but the entire house was still full of stuff.  50 wooden cutting boards, 30 phones, and tons of vintage office supplies.  I saw a box full of old clips and picked out some of the best for the shop.  Now I wish I had grabbed all of them: not only are they useful, they’re also photogenic!

Vintage Ball Bearing Clips

The afternoon light in Seattle today was perfect for taking this sort of photo, especially with the glints of metal.  I’ll be listing them in the shop during the next week or so!

All in a row...


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    Tom October 22, 2010

    Nice patina. Fun to wonder if they held bundles of bills or love letters.

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    Carbzilla October 23, 2010

    I went to an Estate Sale near Greenlake yesterday. An Estate Sale company had come in and they’d staged it like someone was still living in the house. It was a little creepy. I only walked out with a new ice scraper for $1.

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