Harried in the Kitchen

Dear readers, I have been so busy!  So harried, in fact, that I haven’t cracked open a vintage cookbook for a few weeks.  My advisor has given me a deadline for my completed dissertation: August 15th.  It’s just around the corner!  So, needless to say, I’ve been freaking out and not cooking a lot.

One thing that awakens me from my writing stupor is anything with rhubarb.  I know, I know, I just posted a recipe for rhubarb-strawberry pie, but when I saw a recipe for a rhubarb cake in The California Heritage Cookbook, I knew I had to make it!  Plus, Kevin and I visited our friends in Leavenworth, Washington, and these friends happened to have some of the most beautiful and healthy rhubarb I’ve ever laid eyes on.

So I set out to make some rhubarb coffee cake.  Plus, there’s nothing better after a few hours of writing than walking into the kitchen and stealing a little piece, alright, a BIG piece of coffee cake studded with tart, pink rhubarb.

I followed the recipe very faithfully for this cake and I wasn’t disappointed.  I think the cake recipe itself would be good with other fruits as well (especially something like blueberries).


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    Tricia June 13, 2010

    Speaking of rhubarb….

    Once you’re done with the diss, we need to go have a celebratory cocktail at Ocho. One of my favorite bartenders makes one with fresh rhubarb bitters, gin, and St. Germain. It’s delicious!!

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    Jasmine June 14, 2010

    Looks so moist and delicious!

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    Steve June 14, 2010

    Come visit again when the blueberries are ripe. Im sure they will make delicious coffee cake, too. Make it a horizontal recipe tasting.

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    Rebecca June 17, 2010

    I have been following your blog with great interest: the wine party was a “deja vu” experience of our days at Vanderbilt in the early 70’s — and cheese and choc fondue pots were the rage. I faithfully use my mom’s biscuit recipes and my gramma’s dessert recipes from that day and age. They don’t compare with today’s. Get cracking on that dissertation so you can devote more of your creative juices to your blogging family.

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