Smiling in the Morning

I am a BIG fan of maple syrup.  Frankly, given the right mood, I could probably be convinced to sip some out of a coffee mug.  Dishes involving maple syrup are some of my favorites, which is probably why I’ve always loved brunch.  So when I ended up with some leftover bread from the Essential Baking Company last weekend, I knew just what to make!  It was just starting to get stale, so I left it out overnight, with dreams of maple syrup and buttery French toast dancing in my head.

I woke up before Kevin and began to search for a French toast recipe that sounded tasty.  Most of the ones I found in my various vintage cookbooks were all very basic, and while I like plain ol’ French toast, I really wanted something with some spices to wake up my taste-buds.

I was lucky enough to find a recipe for Eggnog French Toast from the third volume of the Sunset Kitchen Cabinet Recipes published in 1944.

I’m not sure why French toast is included in a section on meeting daily food requirements, but if maple syrups is ‘required’ eating, then I am definitely on board!  I couldn’t wait for Kevin to wake up to start the French toast, so I ate mine with a cup of coffee, contemplating the sunny Seattle morning.  It was some of the tastiest French toast I’ve tasted.  The nutmeg and vanilla gave the dish the complexity I had hoped for and the maple syrup put a smile on my face for the entire day!

Before syrup:

After syrup!


  1. Reply
    Camela Steinke April 23, 2010

    Remind me to send you some of NY State’s finest syrup before I leave here!

  2. Reply
    Church of Brunch April 23, 2010

    There is hardly enough syrup on those pancakes.

  3. Reply
    Name (required) April 23, 2010

    looks sooo good!

  4. Reply
    Melinda April 23, 2010

    Yum! Maple syrup as a daily food requirement is a great idea! Can we add chocolate too?!

  5. Reply
    alison April 24, 2010

    @Cam: Yum! I would never say no to syrup!

    @Melinda: Yes, let’s add chocolate and maybe a glass of wine as well?

  6. Reply
    Kate April 25, 2010

    French toast is special….maple syrup is special. I always loved those little maple candies that were filled with a mixture of nuts…maple has a way of, you are right, making one smile!

  7. Reply
    Susan@The SpiceGarden April 26, 2010

    Homesick! Want this the minute I get home! New Hampshire maple syrup and french bread … love the eggnog dipping recipe!

    • Reply
      alison April 29, 2010

      @Susan: I hope your jetlag is over and you’re feeling more at home now! Bring on the syrup!

      @Sandi: Oh trust me, there was much more maple syrup on the french toast after I finished the photos

  8. Reply
    Sandi April 26, 2010

    I could drink maple syrup from a mug as well! This recipe looks good and I think I’ll try it. I will add a bit more maple syrup though. *smile* Thanks for the recipe.


  9. Reply
    Pearl Maple May 2, 2010

    Found your blog via the tablescape and really enjoying all your posts today, full of all kinds of memorable recipes from the past.

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