Thrifting Update: 9.03.11

I’m happy to report that the thrifting bug has officially bitten my parents!  My mother texted me yesterday that she went to two estate sales this weekend after we dragged her to a few last weekend.  Sadly, she didn’t find anything awesome enough to take home.  It was much the same at Chez Butter this weekend.  I went to two estate sales on Friday and one this morning (thankfully, stumbling distance from our house) and came home with nothing.  There was great stuff at each sale, but nothing I needed for myself or for the shop.

We went to a few thrift stores this weekend and found some nice items, which made up for the fact that we found nothing at the local estate sales.  The rarest item is a Russel Wright ceramic decanter in his Casual line for Iroquois.  It’s by far our favorite piece of Russel Wright out there because it blends utilitarian function with amazing design.  Right now it’s quite happy sitting on our shelf, but it will eventually make its way over to the shop.

Other items for the shop include  a lovely teak condiment holder with glass inserts from Digsmed of Denmark.  We have a few of these that we bring out when we have guests over — they’re beautiful and infinitely useful as well.  Hiding behind the Wright decanter is  a set of Eva Zeisel Prestige juice glasses made by the Federal Glass Company.  Each of these has the letter “E” monogrammed on them, so they’ll have to go to the right person, but we’re confident that an Emile, Emily, or Eric will find them eventually!  Guarding this week’s finds is a darling glass viking figurine.  We just picked this up today, so we haven’t figured out the maker yet.

As usual, we’ve saved the best find for last.  Actually, Mr. Butter went thrifting without me today and brought home a piece of studio pottery and encouraged me to turn it over and look at the signature.  It was clearly signed Heath (here’s a photo of the signature), which made my eyes bug out a little in surprise.  Could Mr. Butter have found a piece of Edith Heath studio pottery?  In his California Pottery Scrapbook, Jack Chipman mentions this little vase as possibly created by Edith Heath or Heath Studios (211).  (Thanks to Bryan over at A la Modern for mentioning this book!)  We also found this auction for another Edith Heath studio vase, which bears some similarities to our vase, including the light, speckled glaze on the bottom with the darker glaze on top!  In any case, we’re both very excited about this find!

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    A La Modern September 3, 2011

    I’m certainly hoping that the vase is from Heath too. Funniest thing – I saw a pair of those Prestige Zeisel glasses that also had the same letter “E” monogram! I left them, cause I thought they would be tough to find owners for too.

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    Steve B. September 5, 2011

    Between the Russel Wright carafe and Heath vase you kicked major ass.

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